Did you know you can choose happy?

The choices we make throughout our lives play a big role in how happy we are over the course of our lifetime. Our professions, our relationships, and how we spend our free time have the ability to positively or negatively impact our day-to-day mood significantly. And the good news is, those things are largely within our control. 

  • Hate your job? Even if you can’t just up and quit, you can begin pursuing a profession that makes you happy.
  • Unhappy in your romantic partnership? You have options, and there are professionals available to help you and your partner figure out next steps. 
  • Spending too much time scrolling social media? Invest in your mental health by picking up a screen-free hobby you enjoy. From hiking to crafting to side gigs, there are plenty of activities out there for anyone on any budget. 

Of course, there are factors that will always be outside of our control. Still, acknowledging our choices can largely define our joy on a daily basis is a necessary first step if you want to live a lifetime of happy.